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Sunday, 9 December 2012


Human are equal to a product
People ask us,"kitne sal ke hue aap (how old are you)" like we mostly see the manufacturing or expiry date of the products we have or we are going to purchased.
When products are closer to their expiry,we throw it away or give it to some one else. The same way, as people grow older we try to get rid of them or we want them to get expire.
Product with higher price are more in demand though we know it may have an adverse effect on us. Similarly, we like rich people who suppress other or show their dominance through their money, though it sometime hurts our self respect but still we say," see I  have such a RICH and good friend.
We love such items which looks beautiful but may effect our health but still we use it because, we always see at the outer look of it, ignoring the inner quality. Exactly, we judge people on their looks or powers rather than on their values or good nature.   

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