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Friday, 7 December 2012


He is too small in size but capable for scaring almost all the girls in the world, its COCKROACH  one of the oldest creatures on this earth, even older than Dinosaurs. Cockroach can live anywhere in this earth. He can survive in Antarctica, the coolest place on this earth or below the earth the hottest place or even in our kitchen. They can live without food or water for months.

A cockroach is able to hold it's breath for forty five minutes and has the ability to slow its heart rate. Cockroaches also have a higher resistance to radiation up to six to fifteen times higher than that of man. Amazingly, a cockroach can even live without his head. A cockroach will continue to scurry around, headless, for up to one week. Cockroach keeps off its predator animals because of his dirty smell. Sometime I feel that, if predator by mistake eat them, it will taste him like he is eating a raw bitter-gourd. As cockroaches can eat any thing in this universe like our soap, paint but at the end, he can't survive on the smell of sprays like HIT or BAYGON. I think cockroach are out of this world.

There will be a day when the world will only have cockroaches because the human can extinct but not these cockroaches.             

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