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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I regularly travel in Mumbai local train from my college to home. Approximately, from last 7 to 8 years I have been traveling in Virar train. Earlier when I was small, I use to travel in gents second class coach with my dad, I have seen some group of passengers performing bhajan, and all this passengers belong to a decent families. I usually ask my dad the reason behind this. He told me that, they perform it to spend their time, because it take approx 2 hours to travel from Churchgate to Virar. But I felt it very stupid, because some people in that group sing so badly that other passenger laugh on him but he don't care and not even his group, they just enjoy it from their heart. I had also seen that if two people are talking to each other, than suddenly a fellow unknown passenger starts talking with them with a smile and they all talk in such a manner that it feels like they know each other from years.
I felt that instead of this nonsense, they can see the natures beauty, during the journey.
I had many question, that how can a person talk with unknown people and how can they allow him? When all the people laugh at you, don't they feel awkward?

All my questions were cleared when I started travelling regularly, because earlier I use to travel twice or thrice a month. Today when I am returning from my college and listen their songs and bhajan I feel so good because, when you work for whole day your brain need something else or we can say that it need to be refresh. And to have a peace of mind there is nothing better then remembering god, it just bring smile on our face and we forget all our tension and get indulge in it. Its not just you don't have work for 2 hours so you are performing it but it's performed to reduce the stress of whole day and not to think of next day's work, for that 2 hours you are totally inside a new world, you don't care what the hell others are thinking.
Sometime I myself start shaking my legs, and I want to say that you will not come to know that when your station has come.
We have lots of problem in our life and sometime we need a companion, with whom we can share our problems and also such person who has the understanding like us and who will not disclose to others.
When we see someone disusing such thing in which we have our views or opinion, we merge with them in their talk and even they allow us because they also want a companion. Sometime I also talk with unknown people, whose name I don't know, but still we talk to reduce a little burden of our life.

But the recent scenario is different, technology has changed many thing. The current generation or call it my generation people are totally different. Now I have seen that people (mostly 18 to 40-45 years) are just busy in their mobiles, i-pone, laptop and god knows how many gadgets. People don't have time to see the fellow passenger face who is sitting besides you, because they are busy in updating their status on facebook or they might be chating with their girlfriends on watsapp. Some people are listing music in headphones or may be watching movies and they are so much into it that they don't know what is going around them. Today there is silence between strangers and you can only hear songs from your mobile and that to in headphone or it will disturb others. Today you will hear hear that bhajan but only by those who were performing it earlier.
I wonder what will happen when all the bhajan group will retire and the train will be left with only gadgets and heartless and smileless people.
People say that now there is lot of competition so we have more stress and so more health problems like diabetes, headache, high blood pressure, spectacles at early age and many other things. But the reason is not competition its the reduction in the relaxation of mind.
Mind will only be relax when we talk with human instead of a gadget. Because gadget don't have a feelings to understand it.

People talk on facebook with stranger but will not talk face to face with a strange person in front of him.



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