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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


In all there are 52 cards, but when we open a  pack of cards we will find 53 cards in total. The extra card is JOKER. Joker does not belong to any 4 colour or number but yet its the most valuable card, that why we call it a "TRUMP CARD". Players do Gambling to get joker, so their game would became strong and has a upper hand. Today whole world is behind MONEY. Humans try every possible trick to acquire this joker in their life.
It does not belongs to anyone but everyone wants it.

Physically its a paper and don't satisfy any needs, we can't eat money nor it can provide us with shelter. If used wisely it can bring world under our feet. Both the jokers are useless until a photo, some letter and numbers are printed on it. Then it becomes valuable.
Gamblers gambles with one joker to acquire another one.
 It's not necessary that a joker will always lead us to a win in game of life, but yes it will carry us till last moment. Sometime we tend to lose tough we have joker, but still the loss is minimal. 
Today the value of money is more than a person. If you want to be valued by the world, you need to be different from the others, in a pack. 

Lastly I just want to say :-
Yeh joker aisa pantar
Jo khele baazi khud par

Haathon mein hai  jab kisi ke
Baazi usi ki buland


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