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Friday, 23 May 2014

Kanheri caves

Located with in the forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in north Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The caves demonstrate the Buddhist influence on the art and culture of India. The name Kanheri was derived from Sanskrit word Krishnagiri, which means black mountain.
109 caves have been carved from basalt. The caves were used Buddhist for living, studying and meditation. Nearly 51 legible inscriptions and 26 epigraphs are found at Kanheri. Cave number 34 has unfinished paintings of Buddha on the ceiling of the cave. Kanheri caves gives us a beautiful picture of nature. Monsoon is the best season to visit, because the area nourishes better from its origin. You can also enjoy small and large waterfalls from the hilly terrain of the caves.
The cave is located 6km inside Sanjay Gandhi National park, and the visitors have to pay a minimal entry fees at the entrance. Nearest Station is Borivali and regular bus and auto service is available to National park.
On the way to caves one can notice number of birds and animals of National Park.


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