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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Chail is a beautiful hill station and a popular resort. 43-km from Shimla, Chail is an enticing hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. This idyllic resort, set amidst scented forests of pine and deodar, was once the summer resort of the maharajas of Patiala. Chail (2,150 m) overlooks the Sutlej Valley. Shimla and Kasauli are also visible and at night their twinkling lights seem part of the starlit sky. Chail is just the summer destination for those, who want to take a break from the traffic and pollution of the city. Encompassing the world's highest cricket pitch and a polo ground, the old palace, located on a spur, Chail offers a magnificent and splendid view of the valley.
Chail is built on three hills – the palace on Rajgarh Hill, the British Residency on Pandhewa Hill and Sadh Tiba is the third hill. Sadh Tiba was originally the site of the palace but the Maharaja halted construction there and built a temple, Sidh Baba ka Mandir. The drive to Chail is scenic, winding around the gorgeous valleys of Kandaghat, past forests thick with foliage and fruit laden orchards. During winters, skiing is possible at Narkanda. The Giri river at Gaura, 29 km away, is ideal for fishing. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the hill station by exploring it on foot. You can enjoy the fresh air, the greenery and the tranquility, one rarely finds in the cities. People who love nature Chail has lonely walks and trails that meander through the dense pine forests - the home of barking deer, wild boar, pheasant and a variety of birds.

Place to Visit:-
1) Chail Sanctuary
2) The cricket ground
3) Sadhupul
4) Kandaghat
5) Maharaja's Palace

From Khandghat it takes 29 km to reach Chail and the only way.


  1. thank you for the information deep!!

  2. Chail is heavenly! The lush Deodar trees, rejuvenating ambience, refreshing quietness, melodious breeze take the travelers along a magical journey. Chail relaxing in the lap of nature provides emotional rejuvenation to the honeymooners, leisure travelers, trekkers and every nature lover. There is a wonderful sanctuary packed with flora and fauna, the historic Chail Palace, ancient temple and several other attractions are tucked in the belly of this fabulous town.

  3. Chail is home to the world's highest cricket and polo ground, this picture-perfect hillstation is an amazing retreat destination. As you plan to spend your holidays at Chail, browse through the best hotels in Chail and make your bookings in advance.