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Saturday, 16 March 2013


Surrounded by the peaks of Sahyadri, there situates a serene town and a hill station IGATPURI in Nashik district of Maharashtra. With the population of just 31,572, Igatpuri is one of the quietest and calm place I have ever visited. Placed at a height of 1900 feet, Igatpuri is blessed with natural beauties like woody forest, waterfalls and eye catching scenery.

The best part of this place is that, it is not yet been witness by the modernization, so the beauty is still natural, which helps a person to get away from the stress of daily life. The sunrise of Igatpuri is marvelous, it brings in you the unique power, mental strength and freshness. It is the wonderful place for trekkers and the best time to visit here is in rainy season. In monsoon, the black clouds, the wet green land - forest and the pleasant smell of mud will make you feel like, nature is trying to talk with you.

This season is the time when creator will be at its best. The excellent view of Shayadri will definitely bring your soul and mind to peace.
Igatpuri is connected by both rail and road. The station is named by the town itself where all central railway train stops for 20 minutes. It is near from Mumbai. By road it will take maximum 3 hours to reach and by rail from Mumbai it takes 1.30 hours to reach.

Places to visit in Igatpuri :-
1) Bhatsa river valley
2) Arthur Lake
3) Kalsubai peak
4) Amruteshwar Temple
5) Dhamma Giri Meditation center
6) Tringalwadi Fort
7) Camel valley
8) Ghatandevi Temple
9) Sula wines

A little further from Ghatandevi, the rough road leading to the railway line begins. Across the railway line, while climbing down, falling one below the other, are five waterfalls that form which are main attraction for tourists in Igatpuri.

Come to this enchanting region of the Western Ghats, imbibe yourself with the mesmerizing spectacles and be assured that it will take away all your tensions.

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