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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kovalam : The Paradise Of South India

Parallel to Arabian sea and, in the city of Thiruvananthpuram there lies a beautiful beach town of Kovalam, which means a grove of coconut tree. Also known as Paradise of South India. Kovalam is 16 km from Thiruvananthpuram and Internationally renowned for its three adjacent crescent beaches, divided by huge outcropping rock:
1) The light house beach is famous and largest among those three because of its clear and shallow water. The beam of light emitted from old Vizhinjam is a 35 meter long lighthouse built over a rocky promontory, gives an marvelous view at night.

2) The first topless beach of Indian and major attraction for surfer is Hawah beach. When the dark sky with white patches is printed on the calm water, it carries the viewer into heaven.

3)The Samudra beach is preserved for trading purpose hence it has lowest tourist attraction.

Adventure loving people can enjoy on Lighthouse and Hawah beach with various water sports, like Surfing, wooden boat ride and water boat ride. Even topless bathing is available at Hawah beach only on some private area.

All the beaches of Kovalam are safe and guarded by coast guard 24x7. Even the water sports are handled with care. The town also comprise of Mosque, few Temples and Church. This place is known for its sea food with coconut touch, also known as the essence of Kovalam. There are many Ayurvedic salon which provides Ayurvedic treatment to tourist.

Don't miss out to drink pure coconut water from local coconut wallah (seller), it may cast around 25 to 30 rupee each.

So visit this beautiful and natural blue beach town of Kerala, Indian.


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