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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Kasauli is a small, beautifull hill station of Himachal Pradesh located at a distance of 77 km from Shimla, situated at a height of 1927 mt from sea level. Built in 19th century by Britishers, the city has its own charm and beauty. Covered by the beautiful pine forests, orchards and high hills, Kasauli is described as the picturesque hill station of North India.
Kasauli provide a charming view of Chandigarh, Shimla and the Himalayas covered with snow. Kasauli is clean and attractive place, which provides you with great relaxation and pleasure.

Places to visit:-
1) Monkey point
2) The Christ Church
3) Dagshai
4) Bilaspur
5) Barog
6) Mandi
7) Kufri

Chandigarh is the nearest airport and Kalka in Haryana is closest railway station about 40 km from Kasauli.


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  2. I love kasauli hills. I have spent most of my time over there. I would like to walk in mountains, specially near railway track. I love toy train. I love to ride my bike in kasauli, it prevents me from traffic also. Now a days there is so much family's visiting over there and because of this, there are so many cars and it causing so much traffic, which is so annoying. But whenever i visit in kasauli, i feel fresh every time. It gives so much peace inside my body.