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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Munnar, the charm of high range region has distilled to create one of the finest hill station of India. The scenic ride that takes one here only gets better in the following few days of cozy cool living at 1700 meters altitude. One of the best hill station of India lies in Kerala overlooked by rolling hills, comforted by tea gardens. 
Munnar means three rivers. Munnar town is also the meeting point of three mountain streams. The main aim of a visit to Munnar may be to settle at the comforts of a hill station. Slow down the pace  and to tune to the vibes of beauty. Simply to let birds, river and hills temporarily take over other priorities. From waterfalls to water filled dams, there is enough for fun filled holidays. Wildlife sanctuary, lakes, reserve forests and park lands in and around of the tea garden town take care of added intentions of nature lovers, adventure tourists and honeymoon couples.
Located in Idukki district, Munnar is 140 km from Kochi. More than a century ago, thick forest of the region were cut don to create tea estates. Then Munnar became the summer resort of the ruling British, a bit of homely cool weather while scorching heat bites the low lands.

Places of Attraction:-
1) Pallivasal dam
2) Mattupetti dam
3) Eravikulam National Park
4) Anamudi, Devikulam
5) Top station
6) Echo point

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  1. Munnar, one of the finest hill station of India.,nice photos